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March 22, 2004
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Strategic War Game by blind-ice Strategic War Game by blind-ice
Here is my entry for the pixel art competition.

I came up with this idea because everyone seemed to be creating Platform like games and I wanted to be different (like always) so I created an isometric war game. I tried to get it looking like an old Super Nintendo and Amiga game... I think I succeeded, and if you have played a significant amount of games on these platforms then I would think that you know where I am coming from.

Total of 30 colours was used
Created in Photoshop 7
Resolution: 320*240
Time Span: Created in about one week.

If you were wondering what the menu icons mean, then here is what they are:

Top Left:
Numbers represent: Gold, Minerals and Gas.

Top Right:

Bottom Right (Menu):
Build Units
Build Buildings
Move Units

Middle Bottom (Menu Selections):
(From right to left starting to the left of the jeep)
Move Unit (O with arrow)
Attack Unit (Target)
Guard moving back and forth (S type Arrows)
Stop (Hand with S)
Guard standing still (binoculars)
Scrolling Arrows

Bottom Left:
War Tank = current unit selected (as noticed on the screen)
Jeep = current unit being built (progress bar above jeep picture)

[edit] I made the bottom control bar more defined; now it is a lot easier to recognise and doesn’t blend in so much with the rest of the picture. This is something I had wanted to do from the start but never got around to it until I realised once I finally uploaded the picture.
I also added the blood colour, so there are now 26 Colours not 25, because the blood looked pinkish and not red.

Another edit, this time I have taken in some advice and added shading to the cliffs in the back and around the water. I also actually edited the fire, even though I thought it looked alright, I edited it more and now it looks a little better. due to these edits the picture now uses 30 colours.
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The-Bug Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2006
D: not working for me
Popc0rn Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2006
very nice
darkstar33066 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
talk about oldskool. man this is hot. i love the game look. makes me feel like im playing a game right now. good use of the colors and what not. must have been hard to get everything looking nice based off of color scheme u chose. ::feels like playing red alert now::

very nice man. very nice. :+fav:
IMgregBitch Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
that takes so much time your crazy
Cheezeh Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2004
BenWPearson Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2004   Digital Artist
I don't know how old this contest is, but if you did THIS in a week, you deserve to win.
charliemars Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2004
Vicious Graphik blind-ice... F'ing Vicious
sevenofeleven Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2004
This scene would be at home with some PC RTS games too. C&C (command & conquer) comes to mind but your graphics are better.

Looks great.
Arillivent Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004
aww i think you won :D great job on the overview map and the whole thing it reminds me of a cuter version of army men, nice job :w00t:
Gelios Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004   Photographer
This is actually good! In fact it is amazing... but it is a bit too blury... as in there are too many colours
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